Rotary International is a great community service organization, but we are just as focused on the importance of fellowship. Working and playing with people you enjoy and trust. That is the beauty of Rotary and ACHAFR, a fellowship of car enthusiasts.

Car shows are fun! Add your fellow Rotarians into the mix, and now you have a really great time. Join ACHAFR and you will meet some great Rotarians who love cars as much as you do to share the fun with!

Rotary Clubs are always looking for new and exciting fundraising activities. Car shows, rallies and tours are a great way to get your community involved with your club members to raise money for the great causes you support .


North American Chapter (USA, Canada, Mexico)


...and when you join ACHAFR you will receive your free copy of

"How to Put on a Car Show, Rally or Tour  for Fun, Fellowship and Fundraising"

Antique, Classic & Historic Automobile Fellowship of Rotarians

Join a Rotary International Fellowship whose common interest is the Collectible Car.