Antique, Classic & Historic Automobile Fellowship of Rotarians


North American Chapter (USA, Canada, Mexico)

A Letter from the President, Bob Reynolds

 Like most of you, I met Joanne and Brando Pistorius at a car event — a classic car auction in Florida was my lucky break.  Her enthusiasm and charm were infectious, and she quickly convinced me and a fellow Rotarian to join ACHAFR.  I kept running into her at auctions and car shows, and we kept discussing the ACHAFR and brainstorming about how we could expand it.  She recently asked me to “relieve” her and step in as President of the North American branch, and — besides being unable to turn her down — I am thrilled to have this opportunity to work with two of my favorite avocations: classic cars and Rotary!

I can easily see the primary “value” of this organization to Rotary clubs — to help those members who love old cars to learn how to sponsor car shows as fundraising events.  As of today, I have never personally managed a car show, so I have a lot to learn.  The “E-book” that Joanne authored (How to Put On a Car Show, Rally, or Tour for Fun, Fellowship, and Fundraising) is a great start.  But, I’ll bet there is also a gold mine of knowledge and wisdom held by the current members of the ACHAFR — lots of tips, tricks, and techniques on how to organize events faster, run them smoother, and generate more profit.  So, I will be reaching out to YOU, the members, to solicit some of that wisdom.  I also hope to assist Joanne run a car show this winter in Florida and to help sponsor one in New Hampshire this Summer.  I think if you all can teach me how to run a winning car show, then we can easily teach any Rotary Club how to do the same!

 I also plan to focus on signing up more members and making sure that the ACHAFR serves as a valuable resource to them.  There must be hundreds of Rotarians across North America who love old cars.  Our challenge is to figure out how to identify them and contact them.  Your suggestions, tips, and tricks on this task will also be appreciated. And, I’d like to have discussions with you about what else the ACHAFR can do to be more useful to our members.  

 Please feel free to send me email messages with your comments and suggestions.  I haven’t retired yet and my work and family schedules are busy, so please be patient if I don’t respond immediately — I will get back to you!  You can contact me at

My warmest wishes to you all,

Bob R.

ACHAFR (North American Chapter) is proud to introduce your new President, Mr. Bob Reynolds.

 Bob Reynolds has lived in the eastern, midwestern, and southern US, and is now a “snowbird,” spending winters in Florida and summers in New Hampshire.  An M.I.T-trained toxicologist, he has worked for almost 40 years in the environmental industry, working with governments and contractors to help clean up sites polluted with hazardous wastes.  For the past 18 years, he has managed a consulting firm that provides marketing and management services to help contractors win government contracts.  He also manages two non-profit volunteer organizations to help preserve the beautiful lakes and rivers in New Hampshire.

 He has always had a love affair with automobiles, and usually owned a sports car — the latest being a “someday classic” twin-turbocharged V-12 2007 Mercedes SL600 roadster.  "I’ve been getting to know the classic car market for the past 5 years by attending lots of car shows and auctions, and watching many of the great shows on the car-oriented TV channels”  He made his first investment last year in a 1931 Ford Model A roadster pickup truck street rod and has taken it to 15+ car shows.  “Being a car owner and participant in car shows has helped me get to know a whole new group of people that love old cars!”

 Bob is a member of the Rotary Club of Sun City Center in Florida, and an “honorary” member of the Rotary Club of Ossipee Valley in New Hampshire.  He commented, “Getting to work with two things that I love — Rotary and classic cars — should be great fun and very rewarding.  I’m really looking forward to continuing to build and expand the ACHAFR and spread the word to Rotarians about how sponsoring classic car shows can be an enjoyable and profitable fundraising project.”




Rotary International is a great community service organization, but we are just as focused on the importance of fellowship. Working and playing with people you enjoy and trust. That is the beauty of Rotary and ACHAFR, a fellowship of car enthusiasts.

Car shows are fun! Add your fellow Rotarians into the mix, and now you have a really great time. Join ACHAFR and you will meet some great Rotarians who love cars as much as you do to share the fun with!

Rotary Clubs are always looking for new and exciting fundraising activities. Car shows, rallies and tours are a great way to get your community involved with your club members to raise money for the great causes you support .

...and when you join ACHAFR you will receive your free copy of

"How to Put on a Car Show, Rally or Tour  for Fun, Fellowship and Fundraising"

Join a Rotary International Fellowship whose common interest is the Collectible Car.