Antique, Classic & Historic Automobile Fellowship of Rotarians


North American Chapter (USA, Canada, Mexico)

  • Meet Rotarians around the world who own and love great cars.
  • Let ACHAFR help you organize and market your Rotary Club Car Show.
  • Travelling overseas? Access the ACHAFR database of Tours and Rallies you can catch a ride in!

This is a great way to combine the camaraderie of Rotary International with one of the most popular sports/hobbies in the world. Car collectors and car enthusiasts speak one common language, no matter where in the world they come from. Great cars represent history, craftmanship,  exhiliration. Let us introduce you to fellow Rotarians who may own one cool ride or fabulous museum collections.

As a current Rotarian, you are already eligible to join; you don’t even have to own a classic car, just a love for them. There is a membership fee of $50.00 for the 1st Year (including a beautiful brass grill badge), $25.00 for renewal years, $200 for a Lifetime Membership, or our "Club Membership" for only $50.

Your membership includes a copy of our e-book "How to Put on a Car Show, Rally and Tour for Fun, Fellowship and Fundraising". You will also receive a newsletter and information about car shows put on by fellow Rotarians locally, nationally and internationally. Members will have the support of international marketing of their car show events and free classified advertising for cars and parts you may want to sell, buy or trade.

Not a Rotarian? Let us tell you about the international advantages to joining one of the oldest community service organizations in the world. You will meet fellow car enthusiasts and professionals around the world, and have the opportunity to participate in regional, national and international meets, tours, rallies, and swap meets. Buy, sell, restore... we will get you information on all makes, models, and classifications.

Don't know if your car qualifies?

All vehicles from the turn of the century until 1989 are considered collectible or antique from an age stand point. But we all know that there are some pretty fantastic new cars that were born to be classics. Actually, you don't even have to own a collectible car to join ACHAFR, just a love for them!

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